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The Word Doc is backed by 25 years of experience in writing and editing.

The Word Doc. Who we are.

The Word Doc was founded by Beverly Zibrak, its President. Beverly began her writing and editing career in the technical arena. For many years, she was a senior technical writer and editor, later managing large documentation departments in recognized software companies. Most of these companies were small firms, so she understands the needs of small business.

Beverly then moved into the general business area. She has worked on projects in the advertising, financial, and retail sectors. With experience in an array of companies, she has developed the ability to write new or revise existing material and transform it into clear, accessible, and engaging products that are a pleasure to read.

Additionally, Beverly has written solicitation letters and responses to RFPs for non-profits. Her efforts have gotten results. For example, when she drafted a solicitation letter for a fundraising effort for one non-profit agency, donations exceeded the anticipated target by 150 percent.

Not coming from a computer background but rather a language and writing background, Beverly has the talent to take information from a broad range of disciplines and transform it into clear, concise and accessible writing.

Beverly holds a BA in English from the University of Rochester and an MA in Linguistics from New York University.