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Old clients keep coming back, new clients are attracted by the creativity the Word Doc has to offer.

The Word Doc is proud of the work it has done for an array of clients.

The Word Doc has received praise from clients the company has had for 10 or 20 years or as recently as the past few months. Established clients keep coming back to Beverly because of the quality and consistency of her work. Newer clients are attracted to her because of her ability to change and innovate.

Beverly brings ... versatility and the ability to learn concepts quickly. She can handle any type of project with quality results.

This sampling of comments praising the Word Doc comes from a broad range of companies, some local and some international. Yet all these companies share the same vision: to satisfy their customers so that they keep coming back. The Word Doc is committed to helping its clients meet that goal.


The Feld Career Center at the Boston University School of Management consistently ranks among the nation's best in job placement and alumni career progress, according to rankings by US News and World Report and the Financial Times.

I worked with Beverly Zibrak for over ten years. … She is an experienced writer and my position as Vice President of Clear Point Consultants was to find talent. She has great insight and an ability to motivate and grow her employees. She also has the capacity to express in clear language concepts that are ambiguous or complicated. Feedback from other clients about Beverly was that she was a solid professional with strong writing and editing skills and a collegial nature.

Cynthia Thornton-Drost, Corporate Relations
Feld Career Center
Boston University School of Management

nSight, Inc. is a communications company that offers a range of services, from educational products to documentation to other free and fee-based information assets. It provides content development and communications services.

Beverly always has a positive, can-do attitude, even when faced with repeated and complex scope and schedule changes. She worked extremely well with our team and clients and her editorial skills are of the highest caliber. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Danielle Levy, PMP
Program Manager, nSight, Inc.

Joanna Baker is a community organizer in the Town of Brookline, Massachusetts. When she mounted her political campaign for Town Meeting, she asked the Word Doc to edit her marketing materials.

Very close to the election, I asked the Word Doc to revise marketing materials for my campaign for local town government. Beverly came back with edits to a brochure in record time. She not only captured the spirit of my campaign efforts, she also made such things as candidate background information interesting to read. Such material can be deadly. I would recommend her company to anyone seeking effective communication.

Joanna Baker, Community Organizer

Unica Corporation is a recognized worldwide leader in marketing software solutions. Unica develops enterprise marketing management and on-demand marketing software.

I have worked with Beverly Zibrak as a colleague and a consultant over the past 20 years. The one important skill she brings to each company is her versatility and ability to learn concepts quickly. She can handle any type of project with quality results. Most recently she worked for me at a company where much of the team was in Poland. She was required to write marketing, technical and training documents under tight deadlines. Her ability to easily communicate with the remote team, and her understanding of multiple audiences resulted in high praise from our customers and internal sales team. In fact, Beverly was the first person I contacted when hiring for this company. I would recommend Beverly to anyone who is looking for a versatile, experienced writer who can deliver documents that result in high customer satisfaction.

Jack Thompson, Unica Corporation

ClearPoint Consultants, Inc. is one of New England's top recruiters for writers, information designers, trainers, and technical communication professionals.

I recommend the Word Doc to any company or individual needing editing and writing support. I have known worked with Beverly Zibrak as a hiring manager and as a writer and editor. Bev is top-notch and always kept her hand in it even when managing a group. She is well versed in all aspects of written language and edits skillfully, keeping her audience well in mind. She also knows how to run a project and achieve her business objectives. I would gladly hire Bev again and gladly work with her if the opportunity did arise.

Carol Szatkowski, President
ClearPoint Consultants, Inc.