With clarity comes understanding, and ultimately, the ability to adeptly deal with legal issues that arise in the practice of medicine

—S. Fontenot

Texas Medical Association

"Sarah provides thorough, timely, and practical information on difficult issues in the practice of medicine"

— Kim Harmon

American College of Physician Executives

"Sarah connects with and engages her audience immediately."

— Susan Quinn

Arkansas Medical Society

"She is consistently concise, practical and well received by her audience."

— Kay Waldo

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Schedule Highlight: Grand Rounds

Ophthalmology Resident Grand Rounds, Baylor Medical School and University of Texas [Houston]: September, 2009

Schedule Highlight: PIAA Workshop

PIAA Claims/Risk Management Workshop: Non-Physician Practitioners: Opportunities and Liabilities [San Antonio]: October 2009

Schedule Highlight: Cullen Course

Baylor Medical School, 25th Annual Cullen Course Ethical Issues in Ophthalmologic Practice [Houston]: February 2010

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Sarah Fontenot has distinguished herself as an expert who brings clarity to health law.

Because she is articulate, precise, humorous and practical in her discussions about very complex issues in Health Law, Ms. Fontenot is highly sought after as a speaker and educator in formal classrooms, individual practice settings and industry seminars. Some of these issues include patient rights, trends in medical malpractice litigation, physician autonomy in an era of governmental regulation, and criminal liabilities stemming from business practices.

Ms. Fontenot's credentials, experience, and educational seminars bring a "clarity to health law" that is fundamentally important to hospitals, health systems and health care providers, especially in the highly scrutinized industry of health care.

If you want an engaging speaker who uses a touch of humor to enlighten those in search of Health Law clarity, then contact Sarah Fontenot for your next conference.

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