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Testimonials and References

Don't Take Our Word For It... This is what some of Sarah's current and past clients have been saying about her health law presentations.

"Sarah Fontenot has been an integral part of the Texas Medical Association's practice and risk management efforts since 1997. As a speaker Sarah provides thorough, timely, and practical information on difficult issues in the practice of medicine, and has been consistently rated as one of the top TMA speakers by our physician audiences for the last 13 years. For live seminars, publications or audio CME opportunities, she is the person I consistently turn to."

Kim Harmon
Director for Practice Management Education
Texas Medical Association

"Sarah connects with and engages her audience immediately.  She has the unique ability to convey complex legal issues using easy to understand examples.   The distance learning courses she created for ACPE on Stark Law, Pay for Performance, Patient Rights and Contracts are important additions to our course offerings for physician leaders.


Susan M Quinn
VP, Operations
American College of Physician Executives

"Sarah has been delivering programs for the Arkansas Medical Society since 2003. Whether speaking to our member physicians or teaching all day classes to office managers, she is consistently concise, practical and well received by her audience. We consider Sarah to be a valuable member of our Arkansas team."

Kay Waldo
Director of Administrative Services
Arkansas Medical Society

"In presentations to professional audiences requiring technical expertise and when the program requires the content to be covered with explicit precision, one is presented with the challenge of providing both style and substance. In some cases program organizers find this to be a dilemma, opting for one or the other. When your speaker is Sarah Fontenot that dilemma disappears. Sarah delivers! She delivers with both style and substance. She understands the audience's needs and exceeds its expectation. The secret of Sarah's influence on the audience is that she studies and empathizes then projects that empathy to the extent that the audience feels the necessity to internalize the message. In my position as the Executive Officer of a professional medical association, it has been my very good fortune to work with Sarah for several years in various venues with audiences of both general and special interest. At the end of the day, when I read comments in audience evaluations, I know that I have accomplished my mission fully because as the consummate professional that she is, Sarah has accomplished hers."

Ed Waldron
Executive Vice President
Southern Medical Association

"Not only is Sarah extremely knowledgeable on medical-legal topics, but she is also an enthusiastic energetic speaker regardless of the subject.   Texas Medical Liability Trust has been fortunate to have such a committed provider of excellent CME courses for our policyholders for more than 10 years!

Jane Holeman
Vice President Risk Management
Texas Medical Liability Trust

""Sarah's background as a nurse and attorney proves invaluable to her audiences of physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers. Her presentation style is engaging and collaborative even when presenting information that is not always what the audience wants to hear. She uses humor and personal examples to illustrate and clarify points on topics such as "What Can You Expect From Healthcare Reform", "The -No Pay- in Pay for Performance" and "Defensive Documentation". In other words, she's an outstanding educator and excellent speaker.

-Susan Morrison
Hospital CME Coordinator
Citizen's Medical Center

"Your session "Red Flag Rules & Critical Updates" was inspiring and comforting to the members that rely on you to provide accurate and thoughtful advice on how to handle the current challenges in health care." To read full letter click here.

Richard Blanchette
Executive Director
Professional Association of Health Care Office Management

"It has been my good fortune to teach alongside Sarah Fontenot since 1997. She is articulate, precise and practical in her discussions about very complex issues in Health Law. With compassion and clarity Sarah presents health law educational sessions devoid of "legalese" that leave physicians informed and clear about what specific actions need to be taken in their own offices. As a nurse and as a wife, daughter and granddaughter of physicians she brings credibility to our physician audiences that exceed her academic credentials.

Dr. Jean Edwards Holt
Ophthalmology, San Antonio, Texas
Adjunct Faculty, Trinity University
President, Southern Medical Association [2000-2001]
Co-Faculty [with Ms. Fontenot] for "Your Place in Today's Medicine" offered to resident physicians and physician fellows in SMA member states

""Sarah has been teaching Health Law to our health administration graduate students for many years. She gets extraordinary course evaluations - both from our full-time on-campus students as well as for the mid-career professionals enrolled in our executive program option. They find her engaging, dynamic and creative in the way she conveys material. She is simply terrific in the classroom! And, her combined nursing and legal background give her a unique perspective on this challenging field."

Mary E. Stefl, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Health Care Administration, Trinity University


Please feel free to contact any of these references for a conversation about Sarah Fontenot's experience at their organization.

Mr. Howard J. Horwitz

Vice President
American College of Healthcare Executives

Kim Harmon

Director for Practice Management Education
Texas Medical Association

Susan M Quinn

Vice President, Operations
American College of Physician Executives

Susan Morrison

Hospital CME Coordinator

Kay Waldo

Director of Administrative Services
Arkansas Medical Society

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